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OneWorld Classrooms is a nonprofit organization that builds bridges of learning between the classrooms of
the world. We offer FREE online travel and a variety of opportunities for K-12 classrooms to interact with overseas partners. WELCOME!

K-12 International Art Exchange
Amazon Rain Forest School Project
Student to Student Language Lab
Free Travel and Learn Online Launchpad

“OneWorld Classrooms* has changed
the way I teach… and enabled my
students to travel to the world without leaving the classroom!” MORE TEACHER TESTIMONIALS

*Formerly the Creative Connections Project.

The mission of OneWorld Classrooms is to build bridges between local and international K-12 classrooms through technology and the arts. In both school and OST settings, we aim to promote global education, foster cross-cultural awareness and cultivate local and global citizenship. READ THE REST OF OUR MISSION STATEMENT



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OneWorld Classrooms extends a special THANK YOU to all who have helped us to build cross-cultural understanding in local and global K-12 classrooms over the years! We also welcome you to support our work. Use our Make a Difference registration form to make a contribution now.

OneWorld Classrooms would not be able to offer its programs and services without the generous support of many individuals, schools and organizations. Contributions to our Make a Difference program have also benefited our partner schools in the Amazon Rain Forest, China, Tibet and Africa. Below is a list of our supporters.

  • The Avery Arts Foundation
  • The Shelley & Donald Rubin Foundation
  • The Freeman Foundation
  • The Shanghai Rotary Club
  • AlliancExchange
  • Mike Fitzpatrick
  • Joan Hennessy
  • The Germantown Academy Fifth Grade (and Dance-a-thon Participants)
  • The Siena College Peace Studies Department
  • Nelson Garcia and Maria Elena Fernandez
  • Joseph Namutungi
  • Metro Solomon
  • Nancy Schwartz' Kindergarten Class at the Beverly Montessori School in Chicago, IL
  • Kurt Haerri, Shanghai Rotary Club
  • Phyllis Chauveau
  • Laura and James Eagan
  • Lawrence and Kelly Dalsemer
  • Brent Asplundh
  • Steven Averbuch and Rachel Rivest
  • Manuel and Sylvia Averbuch
  • H.W. and Mary Hill
  • Steven and Kathleen Gibbs
  • Nolan Averbuch
  • Ladonna and Albert Abravaya
  • Peter Ritz and Sara Krupnick
  • Gabrielle Russomagno and Paul Mezey
  • Susan Hill
  • Maxine Dalsemer
  • Apexa and Arun Savani
  • John and Amy Donahue Korman
  • Troy Dec and Holly Hastings
  • David and Cory Smull
  • Susan and Stuart Sarshik
  • Voltaire Escalona and Karen Gallagher
  • Bruce and Sally Jo Lamont
  • Debra and Martin Hightower
  • Julia Blumenreich
  • Mary and Gary Silow
  • Elizabeth Palmer
  • Catherine R. Sacks
  • The Saratoga Independent School
  • Katy Dodge's First Grade Class at the Savannah Country Day School in Savannah, GA
  • The 1/2 Grade Classes at the Montessori Magnet School in Albany, NY
  • Linda Buice's Third Grade Class at the Cohen Elementary School in Elmira Heights, NY
  • Mary Beth Morris's Third Grade Class at the Mifflin Elementary School in Philadelphia, PA
  • Douglas Schleischer and Aili Lazaar
  • Judith Felgoise
  • Frank Tornetta, Jr.
  • Peter Honig and Susan Flamm Honig
  • Carol and David Delucca
  • Jeffrey and Karen Dayno
  • Thomas and Loren Sciasia
  • The Global Citizens Club a the Casa Grande High School Associated School Body in Casa Grande, CA
  • Cinthia Lawes
  • The Glen Worden School and PTA in Scotia, NY
  • Lisa Sheridan
  • Sandy King-Naber and Peter Naber
  • Honghui Zhou and Zijie Zhuang
  • David and Beverly Dougherty
  • Theodora Bibila and Evstratios Vandris
  • Maria Gomes Parker and James Parker
  • Matthew Kurtz and Andrea Wasserman Kurtz
  • Peter Ritz and Sara Krupnick
  • John and Heather Schaefer
  • Charles and Johnette Meidt
  • Kiddie Academy of Collegeville
  • Christopher and Lori Worrell
  • Shawn Towne
  • Amy Durland
  • Stafford Intermediate School
  • Lincoln IB World Middle School
  • Suzanne Cochran
  • Roy Chan
  • Iris Davis Brownstein
  • The A. D. Olvier Middle School Student Council

On behalf of students and teachers at all our overseas partner schools: THANK YOU FOR YOUR CONTRIBUTION!


OneWorld Classrooms is a nonprofit project, fiscally sponsored by The New York Foundation for the Arts, a nonprofit organization. Your gift is tax deductible. You may make a contribution in the following ways:

  1. Make your contribution via PayPal at to
  2. Mail your contribution by check (made out to OneWorld Classrooms) to:

    OneWorld Classrooms
    PO Box 534
    N. Andover, MA 01845